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Luxury Lip Tint

Course Description

Learn our advanced Luxury Lip Tint technique which is perfect for anyone looking to enhance the overall shape of their lips or wanting to correct asymmetry. A personalized pigment is selected based on the client’s specific undertones and requests.

Using our unique, bloodless technique we layer the pigment into the skin to achieve a natural pixilated look using less pressure and more passes. This style of lip tattooing mimics the look of a natural lip tint once healed.


Students are required to complete 1 live model in class with Instructor (Models can be provided for students that are from out of town – model Fee of -$75 is required when found by our Academy staff.)

Complete an additional 4 models on your own outside of class which are graded and approved by our trainers.

Please note: Students will receive their certificate once until they have completed a total of 4 additional models on their own that are a PASS. Students may be required to complete additional models if they did not receive a passing grade.

Course Breakdown

  • Health and Safety

    When performing permanent makeup technique’s one must understand all the health and safety regulations associated with the process in order to provide the most effective and ideal service.

  • Colour Theory

    Understand how to differentiate which colour pigments to use on – each individual client, how to mix shades together and how to change colours that heal to tones you do not want.

  • Luxury Lips

    Learn the ultimate bloodless, Luxury Lip Technique that provides your clients with a show stopping pout. We will show you how to create tiny pixels within the skin using our wireless machine and a 1RL needle to achieve the most desired and natural look. We concentrate on more passes with less pressure. This ensures no damage to the integrity of our client’s skin!

  • Comprehensive Theory

    Achieve the highest education and gain in-depth knowledge of microblading to provide you clients with the best results.

What's Included

  • 3 Days of Training (21 hrs)
  • Professional Starter Kit
  • Access to in-class Machines & Pigments at distribution pricing
  • BB Wireless Machine
  • Complimentary 7 hr Co-op Day
  • Complimentary Semi-Annual Refresher Course
  • Marketing Materials + Discounts on web design and branding material
  • Ongoing Mentoring & Support


April 20th – 22nd, 2020

May 26th – 28th, 2020

June 15th – 17th, 2020


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